911 Provider For The City Of Edinburg, TX & Hidalgo County Fire District #3

Non-Emergency Transfers

Valley EMS, Inc. provides scheduled non-emergency ambulance transportation to hospitals, nursing homes, patients at home and other healthcare facilities. Many patients need medical attention and transportation to and from medical facilities even though their condition may not require an emergency response. While most patient transfers are in the local area, some are made to destinations outside of the Valley to distant parts of the State.

Non-Emergency Transfers Registration Form

24 Hour Customer Care

Valley EMS, Inc. provides community service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contracted service areas are protected by 6 fully staffed 24-hour MICU ambulances and 1-2 fully staffed 12-hour MICU ambulances providing extra support during peek hours of the day. Valley EMS, Inc. also utilizes 3 full-time Paramedic Shift Supervisors/Field Training Officers to provide field support and ensure quality assurance for all operational duties.